A "Twinvitation"

I had the pleasure of designing a "twinvitation" for the first birthday of two little girls. My client gave me a color scheme and some general guidelines of wanting a vintage travel theme, and was incredibly happy with the result.

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Georgian Brands

I had the opportunity to create two different brands for a client in Georgia, who owns both a truck line and a truck service shop. He's expanded at least three fold over the past few years, and needed some updates for his truck line, and a new logo and branding for his new shop.

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Good, Consistent Branding: Keep the Corvette

Consistency is hard when design fads and trends fire up each year like dazzling lights on a Christmas tree. These trends can scream at you, ‘Buy me! Buy me!” just like new cars or kitchen appliances. But tell me this: In a branding situation, do you need the latest Tesla, or should you skip the work and money and hassle of buying a new car and appreciate your classic corvette?

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BrandingJo Bayne
The Value of a Well-Designed Logo

So you have your business, your business name, website, etc. All you need now is an amazing logo to help you wrap everything together into one cohesive brand. You’ve seen a bunch of logos you like, or icons that are inspiring. But how do you create something your own, instead of something that already belongs to everyone else?

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Graphic Design, BrandingJo Bayne