The Value of a Well-Designed Logo

So you have your business, your business name, website, etc. Congratulations! All you need now is an amazing logo to help you wrap everything together into one cohesive brand. You’ve seen a bunch of logos you like, or icons that are inspiring.

But how do you create something your own, instead of something that already belongs to everyone else?

A lot of clients tend to drift to tried and true logo or icon designs, whether it’s chat bubbles, intertwined letters, cute typography or vintage stamps. The unfortunate aspect of tried and true when it comes to logo design, however, is that they’ve all been done before.

A logo is more than a pretty image. It’s your business’ mark and insignia, one that should be recognizable as well as discernible from others (especially those of your competition). Design trends can tend to fail businesses in this sense: A logo is not meant to change every two or three years to fit with up and coming design and branding fads. A logo is timeless, individual, and built to stand on its own as a symbol for your specific business.

I’m not trying to say that I, as a designer, will ignore everything the client wants if it has already been done. Not at all! There is definitely something to be said for using the traits of other designs or logos, instead of the logos themselves, to influence a new brand. For instance, if someone really loves the Nike swoosh symbol, I’m not going to give them the Nike swoosh symbol (lest I run into a ton of copyright lawsuits) - but I will give them something that is minimal, modern, sleek, and conveys motion. If someone loves the Starbucks logo, I can give them something symmetrical, abstract, artistic and urban. Or if someone loves the Millstone Cellars logo, I can create something that helps viewers reminisce of older typefaces and handcrafted etchings.


I had a client a few months ago whose company was focused on collaboration and real estate. He was very drawn to images of chat bubbles, or houses, both of which are used quite often in real estate or any logo that involves communication. I was able to create a few happy mediums (pictured above!) to make him stand out.  


So let me help you! I really enjoy making creative solutions for what you need and want, and will provide you with something that stands out past your competition. 

Graphic Design, BrandingJo Bayne