Feeling Moody

Jo does a superb job with branding businesses. She went above and beyond what was required to give me an absolutely splendid experience.
— Marissa, Velix Fox | velixfox.com

I had a new project this month that was SO much fun to do. I was tasked with creating mood boards for a client's new business, a high-end vegan makeup subscription service. I had so much fun with this project I ended up creating not one, but THREE different boards, all with different color palettes, patterns and typography.




I wanted to start off with something that matched her original color palette. Using stock imagery as well as custom patterns and typography, I was able to convey a mood based on words listed at the bottom (minimal, neutral, ethereal, etc) that I devised to help guide this board. Overall the mood is fresh and spa-like, and if I say so very relaxing!




Can someone say feisty! One of the client's target markets was fashion-forward, chic women who always wanted the latest and greatest product they could find. This mood board was inspired by bright, urban swaths of cheery color that reminded me of pop art and forward thinking. This branding focus would not only be on product but on imagery of fashionable women who present lives of success and ambition.




Last but not least, my favorite mood board that I created. This one's a bit more down to earth with mossy and coconut tones, emphasizing the grounded, confident and sophisticated woman. I wanted this one to feel warm and rustic, and floral and cotton imagery present a focus on the vegan aspect of the service.

Need your own branding help or mood boards? Let me know!

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