My Invitation Suite

I had the pleasure of designing my own invitation suite for my upcoming wedding. My client: My amazing fiance. Luckily he's not picky!

Our colors are navy and copper, and we're striving for a cozy, down-to-earth feel for our wedding out in Thorpewood. 

Take a look below!



First of all I created a custom seal and logo for our wedding and partnership. My fiance's name is Dennis, so I incorporated abstract figures of a lowercase J, a lowercase D, a figure eight knot (we're rock climbers!) and the infinity symbol into one graphic. I ended up ordering a custom seal from Wax Works as well that we used with navy and copper wax.



I got pretty fancy with our invitation suite, which includes invitation, reply card, details card, inner envelope, seal and outer envelope. I also ended up handwriting addresses on all of them with a calligraphy and copper ink. Am I crazy? Perhaps a little, but I don't regret the effort one bit!



I kept things cost effective - but printing was definitely frustrating. I first went through VistaPrint for invitations, advertised as 5x7". I received them and turns out they're about 4.7" x 7.2", and didn't fit in a standard A7 envelope. Luckily I was able to return them!

Then I got a proof through Cards & Pockets, which is great for envelopes and suite supplies, but maybe not so much for printing. The paper quality wasn't up to par for my navy background, as the ink seemed to seep into the paper and create a too-smooth finish for my tastes.

Lastly I used SmartPress - which I was silly to not go with in the first place. I used them all the time at my last job and was never disappointed! Worth the money, which isn't much compared to local printers. 

For those who aren't designing or printing by themselves, a local printer is definitely worth the cost, I'd say, especially with custom calligraphy... but maybe I'm just old-fashioned!



A wedding is a great time to show to your family and friends who you are and will become as a couple. Dennis and I are incorporating our love of nature and warmth into our wedding with cozy candles, slate accents, and simple greenery, and are using our palette to emphasize our richness and solidarity as a couple. 

On the lighter side, designing invitations, menus, programs, place cards and more is just fun and exciting! Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need your own invitations and paper materials designed!

BrandingJo Bayne